Syrian army foils attempts to undermine the Correction Movement’s values

Syrian people are marking the 46th anniversary of the Correction Movement with strong determination to press ahead with the battle against takfiri terrorism, which aims to destroy the great achievements realized by the Correction Movement.The reactionary forces have attempted on many occasions to stop and destroy all aspects of life in Syria.

The colonial powers and takfiri terrorists now seek to strike the values of the Correction Movement and its political, economic and social achievements. The Syrian army and people are, once again, foiling attempts to undermine the Movement’s values by confronting the biggest terrorist war fought against Syria.

The 46th anniversary of the glorious Correction Movement came in a time when Syria is facing an unjust cosmic war and huge challenges imposed by the Western plotting and the escalating US-Zionist attack as well as the submission of some Arab regimes which have become puppets for implementing the policies of the US and its Western allies.


As the attack against Syrian is becoming fiercer than ever in the political, economic, social and military domains, the Syrians aspire that their life will return to what it used to be six years ago as they were enjoying health and educational prosperity and the economic development along with the prevalence of peace and security which were the main features of their country for more than 40 years after the Correction Movement.

The Correction Movement, led by late President Hafez al-Assad, laid the bases of a comprehensive progress in various walks of life through which Syria has been able to achieve qualitative leaps on the political, economic, social and cultural levels in a time when those who claim that they want to spread freedom and democracy have been trying to undermine what has been built by the Syrians over the years in implementation of their backers’ directions.

Today, the Syrian people are sacrificing to defend the principled stances of the Arab nation and its interests and future while after the Correction Movement, Syria was working on enhancing the Arab solidarity and supporting the institutions of the joint Arab action, in addition to trying to build the system of pan-Arab security, consolidating the stability and enhancing cooperation with the brotherly and friendly countries.

The cosmic war launched against Syria and its people affirms the righteousness of the stances adopted by Syria since the Correction Movement and its determination to adhere to and to defend the just Arab and international issues, on top of which the Palestinian cause, in addition to supporting the Arab resistance movements and the international liberation movements.

Syria has also played a key role in all the issues related to the fate of the region through dealing with various circumstances and developments in a wise way and in the framework of preserving the Arab identity.

The Correction Movement enhanced the self-confidence of the Arab soldier and paved the way for establishing a national army which believes in the necessity of protecting the borders of the homeland and of spreading security and stability across it.

The global war launched against Syria seeks to guarantee the security of Israel and to change Syria’s stance towards the issue of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The Correction Movement laid the bases of economic pluralism, enhanced partnerships with the countries of the world, and provided a suitable investment environment in various sectors, in addition to expanding the reclamation of lands and establishing national industries with qualified cadres.

Syria nowadays is facing the armed terrorist organizations which target its developmental national project through which it has been able to guarantee its food security and to achieve self-sufficiency in addition to providing huge job opportunities and laying the bases of economic and cultural progress.

Syria’s battle against terrorism is not different from the Correction battle which was 46 years ago as both of them have the same goals of building the Syrian society on the bases of education, knowledge, fighting illiteracy and boosting the culture of amity, dialogue and tolerance and facing all forms of cultural invasion.

Despite all the consequences of the current crisis and the terrorist attacks which target their houses, schools and children, the Syrians are determined to work on the basis of the Correction Movement and its principles through contributing to the process of building and construction, fighting corruption, investing science, and knowledge in the service of their society to reach the aspired-for renewable Syria.

The anniversary of the Correction Movement should be a motive to honestly work on giving the national and pan-Arab interests a priority and to support the Syrian Arab Army in facing terrorism.

On this occasion, the Syrians will adhere to the choice of the Correction Movement and to work under the leadership of president Bashar al-Assad on developing and modernizing the society.