Towards a National Charter of Honor

All plans by the parties responsible for the ongoing twenty two months old Syrian crisis to overthrow the Syrian government, undermine the state, hit the national unity and weaken the army have been destined to failure, as the Syrian leadership and people have been able to win complicated battles at several fronts.

The leadership has acknowledged the need for renewing the political structure of the state, so, a parties law was issued to make an essential change and widen the circle of political partnerships. More importantly was the formulation of a new constitution as a turning point in the state’s political life based on new democratic and institutional principles that restructure power in accordance with honest parliamentary elections in which all political and social parties take part and which guarantees that the democratic result will be the only standard for drawing a new political map which gets its legitimacy and strength from ballot boxes.

The Syrian leadership continued to respond positively to the requirements of the crisis. In his latest historical speech on January 6th  , President Bashar Al-Assad specified the basic elements for an exit from the crisis and drew a road map towards a future Syria where all have the opportunity to take part in figuring the country’s political features and identity throughout wide national dialogue comprising all components of the Syrian people and which leads to a new social cohesion on which all the Syrians agree.

Consequently, through its positive response to the crisis requirements, the Syrian leadership has been able to uncover the stances of some opposition parties which reject political solution first, by snatching the claimed “reform card” from their hands and heightening the reform ceiling to a degree agreed on by all the Syrians within a national charter of honor and second, by uncovering some opposition parties’ limitless cooperation with foreign forces which aim to implement domination schemes in the region in general and in Syria in particular. This sort of cooperation had led these parties to lose their alleged credibility and social presences among their supporter whom they bet on from the very beginning and whom they were able to move under false slogans like “reform” and “freedom”.

At present, the opposition which refuses political solution, in addition to all its supporters are in a real trouble, particularly after President Al-Assad has launched a national initiative and after the Syrian leadership has accepted the principle of political solution as stressed by the latest Geneva meeting.

As all ways before the opposition parties, which refuse political solution, are blocked, the final option before them seems to be giving up their dreams and political aspirations, engaging themselves in an all-out national dialogue, being active inside Syria and joining the country’s political and democratic process after announcing their complete boycott to foreign forces and stopping all forms of violence and armed action which only serve the enemies of the Syrian people.


Dr. Khalaf al-Miftah

Translated by H. Mustafa