Innocence of Muslims, an offense against the values of humanity

Needless to say, the US Zionist circles have been using media, technology and film making in concocting sinister plans against the Arab and Islamic nations.  

The agreement of the US for the production of the film "Innocence of Muslims" means that the White House wants to announce war on the essence of holy religions, then our role and that of the world is to confront the US-Zionist practices that desecrate religious principles and the sanctity of religion.

The immoral act of producing and directing such American film is a new US-Zionist attempt to insult Islam and the Muslims all over the world, in addition to stoking sectarian sedition in the Islamic society, because advocating sectarian wars have been one of the main tools used by colonialist states to weaken the Arabs and Muslims, divide them and plunder their resources.

The film is a real reflection of the Zionist policies which aim at feeding religious and sectarian tensions through exploiting media and culture to serve its notorious colonialist projects.

The encroachment on Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) in the film "Innocence of Muslims" constitutes an offense against the values of humanity and a flagrant violation of the alleged democracy of the US and its allies which claim that they are defenders of human values.

This film, produced by the US-Zionist malicious policies, offended more than a billion and seven hundred million Moslems, and it contradicts the most important bases of democracy.

The noble people in the world should expose the plot of the film which aimed at stoking sectarian strife. The Arab and Islamic worlds should be united in facing plots aimed at inflaming sedition since the failure in warding off these plots will allow extremist powers to go ahead with their Zionist project. So, the film is an episode in the Western conspiracy against the Arab and Islamic world.

The film came as completion of using suspicious media and satellite channels to stir up sedition and spread chaos. The producers of such condemned film aim to sow sedition and foster grudges. This hateful film seems to be deliberately designed to sow bigotry and bloodshed. Such desecrating acts are aimed at causing discord among the people of different faiths.
The anti-Islam film instigated massive protests and condemnations in front of the US embassies in a number of countries in the world. Protests have spread across the Middle East and further afield.

Thousands of Muslims gathered outside the US embassies in various parts of the world to protest against the US film which abused Islam and Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him.

Protesters waved placards condemning the film which is aimed at instigating religious conflicts, blaming the responsibility on the US administration which allowed the production and broadcasting of this film.

The "Innocence of Muslims" was produced in the US by amateur Israeli-American director, Sam Basil, from South California who is known to be anti-Islam and pro-Zionist activist.

All those involved in planning, producing, releasing and promoting the American film, which is based on derogatory, defamatory and blasphemous material quite against the historical facts, have very badly hurt the sentiments of Muslims.

These irresponsible actions yield no good and draw attention away from real problems like the fate of the Palestinians and the lack of stability in the Middle East because of the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories. It is a wonder how those running a country claiming to be a superpower and defender of democracy and human rights become so stupid in taking such actions!