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Investing potentials to curb open war

By:Ahmad Orabi Ba'aj

Syria and Iran have recently signed memorandum of understanding on economic cooperation and construction of power plant.

The said agreement includes a number of items.Most importantly,the USD 1 bln credit facilitation signed between the Commercial Bank of Syria and the Iranian Export Development Bank.

Undoubtedly, the agreement will boost and cement ties of cooperation ,strategic partnership and available potentials in Syria and Iran only to confront the open war that targeting the two friendly peoples .

Needless to say that Syria and Iran are the cornerstone of resistance in the region.Hence,the agreement will definitely bolster their steadfastness against vicious schemes.

Furthermore,other important contracts on power energy have been signed  with the Iranian side during the premier ,the ministerial and technical accompanying delegation's visit to Tehran.

These agreements are but a firm stance by the Iranian side to consolidate Syria's steadfastness against terrorism and the blatant siege imposed on Syria by the aggression forces.

The premier's successful visit will upgrade the already continuous partnership –with all its forms-between the two brotherly countries in the benefit of the two peoples.

This(visit)will help surpass the ongoing crisis in Syria , restoring security and stability and meeting the citizen steadfastness and living standard's requirements only Syria to come out victorious as ever.

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