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Obama, I just want to remind you




More than 1,000 Americans have been killed in gun-related violence since last month’s elementary school shooting carnage in Connecticut that killed 20 young pupils and six staff members, new data show.

According to the new data, collected through an interactive project conducted by, the tally of those killed in gun violence across the US since the Connecticut massacre has surpassed the 1,000 mark, showing that as of 5 a.m. GMT on January 18, the figure has reached 1013.

Obama I just want to remind you, Two weeks before the start of your second term, the British daily, The Guardian, noted that "U.S. use of drones has soared during your time in office, with the White House authorizing attacks in at least four countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. It is estimated that the CIA and the U.S. military have undertaken more than 300 drone strikes and killed about 2,500 people."

The newspaper reported that a former member of Obama's "counter-terrorism group" during the 2008 campaign, Michael Boyle, says the White House is now understating the number of civilian deaths due to the drone strikes, with loosened standards for when and where to attack: "The consequences can be seen in the targeting of mosques or funeral processions that kill non-combatants and tear at the social fabric of the regions where they occur. No one really knows the number of deaths caused by drones in these distant, sometimes ungoverned, lands."Do you remember?

 And why, in Syria, is the United States of America recognizing terrorists? Does President Obama not know that the "legitimate representative" he supports has been responsible for the murder of thousands of people? Does President Obama not know that his "legitimate representative" has committed unspeakable and demonic acts of torture, kidnapping, summary executions and sodomy? Does President Obama not know that his "legitimate representative" attacked a school recently with military hardware? And now Aleppo university. The world cries over children killed in a school in the US, yet there is no mention in the western media about the students killed in Syria when a US backed car bomb attacked a university. killing more than 80 people, and 170 received injuries of varying severity.

Does the west think that Syrian children are unworthy of getting any acknowledgement or sympathy, except from Russia and Iran.

 Your country is supporting such dangerous groups as Al-Qaeda to destabilize Syria and fight the Syrian Army at the expense of the lives of innocent Syrian citizens whose only crime is supporting their government..

The Syrians send their condolences to the bereaved families of the victims over the mass murder of their beloved school children and others, and voice deep regret over the shooting incident in the US.

But we call on the US society to be part of the movement against warmongering and massacre of innocent people by gunmen in terrorist attacks in different parts of the world.

It is indeed as Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast stated earlier "as far as humanity is concerned, there is no difference between the children and teenagers who are victimized by armed attacks in Gaza and the US, Afghanistan or Pakistan and Iraq or Syria, and everyone should try to ensure overall peace, security and tranquility for all the people around the world."