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Faithful Translation to Our Convictions




Attacking thermal Mharda station in Hama, stealing a quantity of crude oil from Al Kahhar wells in the countryside of Deir al-Zour, burning it and preventing firefighters from putting out the fire, attacking Al Baath Dam in Al Raqqa city, bombing a car  at Barzeh station for fuel in Damascus that killed innocents, targeting  citizens’ lives, electricity stations, water and oil resources are samples of terrorist acts you do not need to explain or interpret the motives and goals that stand behind them, and are in favor of the enemies of Syria and destroy the lives of citizens directly.

Who follows these details and other daily news can see the continuous work exerted by the government to offer services and necessary materials to facilitate the citizens' lives during the crisis.The destructive, aggressive, acts offer a valuable service to the Zionist enemy.

Audio-visual news show the government’s determination to contain the effects of the crisis and ease its pressure on citizens, provide relief work and care for families affected by terrorism, monitor chronic diseases and follow-up treatment of patients in temporary shelters.

It is logical to say that it is no longer difficult, not only to the concerned observer, but also on the ordinary citizen, to compare and differentiate and judge this work and that act.

We don’t ask anyone to give an opinion or an impression, except to the extent he sees and feels every day and refers clearly to both scales of the scene to reach the conviction and build on it his role and position.

The government’s continued work and shouldering responsibilities towards the citizens through its economic and service establishments and the working to fix what the subversive elements have destroyed, is more than necessary, but equally it is everyone's responsibility as individuals and citizens, social, civil and intellectual institutions.

The role of the elite to perform their duty is also needed and to identify its components to be also a partner in the defense of his convictions and his role.


We are certain that the government and its institutions have determined to contain the effects of the crisis and exert all efforts and potentials to ensure requirements of the people's living.

What we need at this stage is a conviction equivalent to a role that integrates with and an activity that intersects in a lot of responsibilities placed on all of us to achieve major objectives that the crisis imposed its priorities and the resulting to be all true to translate the conviction that the broader spectrum of Syrians share, especially with the exposure more of the facts and the roles!!

Ahmad Orabi Baaj

Translated by: SH  Kh.