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Biased reports lacking accuracy and objectivity




The double-standard policy has been one of the salient features of the UN organization and its affiliated bodies. The reason is simply because of the US domination of these bodies which made them lose their credibility, especially during the past few years.

The UN High Commission for Human Rights has been insisting on issuing politicized reports about the situation in Syria that lack accuracy, objectivity and neutrality. These reports do not reflect the reality of events and are biased towards the killers of the Syrian people and the external forces supporting them.

The recent UNHCR’s report depended on biased media sources and ignored all the letters sent by the Syrian government which were full of documents that clearly exposed the terrorist acts carried out by the armed terrorist groups against Syrian people and their public and private properties.

The Commission turned a blind eye to the main factor of the Syrian people’s suffering represented by the states that have been working to aggravate the crisis through funding, arming, training and smuggling Takfiri terrorists from al-Qaeda organization to kill the Syrians and destabilize their country.

 The report lacks professionalism and neutrality because it depended on one side without verifying validity of the information included. Moreover, the Commission depended on information provided by countries which are behind the crisis in Syria and have been exerting utmost efforts to fuel the situation in Syria to attain private gains at the expense of the Syrian people's blood.

An important question to be raised is why the commission ignored talking about the role of the countries which are funding, arming and training gunmen and providing them with intelligence, media and political cover, and hindering national dialogue and the political solution to the crisis.

As was the case with the previous reports, the Commission's reference for what the armed terrorist groups are committing is bashful and faraway from the reality of events on the ground.  These groups continue to perpetrate sabotage acts, terrify people and destroy their properties.

The report did not touch upon the sabotage acts and destruction of the infrastructure, especially oil and gas stations and stealing public and private companies and factories and smuggling their contents to neighboring countries to destroy the national industry which scored remarkable development before the beginning of the crisis.

The armed groups also stole stores of the medicines which the government obtained and secured to citizens in cheap prices. The armed group sold medicine to neighboring countries or spoiled it to deprive Syrian people of it.

The Commission did not mention any word about the terrorist groups’ stealing of basic food materials such as grain and smuggling them to some neighboring countries, spoiling agricultural crops to starve the Syrian people.

The report turned a deaf ear to the takfirist fatwas launched by some persons outside Syria regarding killing, raping, torture, robbery, kidnapping and aggression on the components of the Syrian society.

In short, the Commission's report has demonstrated once again its lack of professionalism and neutrality, and that its findings go in line with the political views of certain countries that have been working to impede any serious attempt to solve the crisis in Syria peacefully through dialogue.