Wrong Conduct and the Desire for Revenge

Anyone who believes that a certain pattern from any community organization or political , cultural practice constitutes a criterion for civilization and urbanization is mistaken, as democracy and the correct political practice has forms, methods and models, and are based on social modernization which is variant completely to destruction, and contrary to the principle of the social deconstruction practiced by Takfiri groups and other groups calling itself opposition and are supported by the West and speaks from outside the borders of the homeland.

 The reform steps have come so far emanating from our history, our culture and our civilizational character, stemming from the needs of our society and the requirements of our reality. Where these reform steps are considered a start to what will be the outcome of building a modern state and solid democratically capable to withstand whatever shocks may be.

 The success of any modernizing experience is conditioned to  social conscious, cultural and political level, but this has to come expressing a real will of the community, and not as an implementation to external destructive theses that intend to eliminate the Syrian society and the destruction of its cultural and historical components to satisfy the goals and desires for revenge against Syria as a resisting country which lives in a state of social diversity, which a lot of the countries that claim civilization, democracy lack and fight us with their ignorance, backwardness and accumulated funds.

These funds form the spearhead of the aggressive U.S. Zionist project with the help of regional tools and the result is to dismantle the Syrian society. The goal is to return Syria back and convert the destined issues in the Arab-Zionist conflict to peripheral issues.

Through the daily events of the crisis, Syrians see that there is an exclusionary and Takfiri thought that motivates murder and terrorism against Syrian citizens and can't be right to be a model for what is meant to be Syria the future.

The national mission today is to find appropriate ways to talk among ourselves without external interference and dictates imposed by Western agendas in order to get the form of effective and objective dialogue, which is considered a platform and a base for the construction of a democratic state.

  Ahmad Orabi Ba'aj

 Translated : Sh. Kh.