US Stands Exposed




According to Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman of Indo-Arab Solidarity Council, the worsening situation in Syria deserves urgent attention of the NAM countries as well the Arab League states who are likely to be affected if the Franco-US designs succeed in the region. France instigated the fire work in Libya with her recognition of the armed Libyan opposition backed by the NATO forces to implement Anglo-American agenda.

Prof. Singh added in an article, received by the Syria Times, that the people in the world, particularly those who have been fighting against colonialism and imperialist domination had high expectation in Obama’s presidency which, perhaps, could not be thought of in the past 50 years. The draconian policies pursued by President Bush the father and Bush were rejected by the people of the USA and that was reason Kenyan-descent Barack Hussein Obama was chosen with powerful and unambiguous mandate in 2008 as President of the biggest military might.

People in South-East Asia had pinned high hopes in his leadership that he would not allow the Bush blunders to be repeated. His message of the Arab Spring has cast dangerous clouds of ‘death and destruction’ in the Arab World. It was during his presidency that the Sudan suffered a division between the Christians and Islamists; Egypt entered a dark age from secularism, openness, composite culture to communal divide. Libya was destroyed by illegal invasion of NATO bombers under the Obama’s leadership. The only country which ‘US’ has failed to dictate is Syria at present under the leadership of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad whose father President Hafez-al-Assad had offered a visionary, daring and workable formula to Israel, ‘Land for Peace’. In other words asking ‘Israel’ to vacate all Arab lands as per dictates of UN resolutions including Golan Heights of Syria, illegally occupied by Israel since 1967. Israel backed by the Anglo-American Bloc rejected this peace offer and refused to implement UN Resolutions; 242, 338 and others where the UN had directed Israel to vacate all Arab lands and stop Jewish settlements in Palestine. President Bush was determined to establish US control over the oils of Kuwait, Iraq & Saudi Arabia. The junior Bush accomplished US agenda in the Middle-East under his father’s doctrine of ‘New World Order’. Obama carried it to other Arab countries in African continent too in the name of the so-called Arab Spring.

Obama did not care to study the in-depth of the peace offer by Late President Hafez Al-Assad. Instead of promoting peace, the USA leadership is keen to promote Zionist interests in the Middle-East. Naturally so, because Zionist State of Israel was planted to demolish Arab unity, integrity and one of the oldest civilizations of the world. Stalin’s Russia had also underestimated the Zionist agenda supported and backed by the Anglo-American Bloc. Stalin’s support to UN Resolution 181 to divide Palestine and create ‘Israel’ proved fatal for ‘peace’ in the Middle-East.