Misled Syrians Must Return to Their Homeland and Conscience




Foreign parties and their agents in Syria  have been sparing no effort to undermine the Syrian state and the political system in the country, either by  exploiting and inciting certain categories in the Syrian society to fuel the crisis, under false slogans like “reform and change”, or by toughening economic pressure and tightening political siege on Syria, not to mention the armed groups’ crimes and the accompanying anti-Syria vicious media campaign.

Most recent aggressive attempt by these foreign parties, has been threatening Syria of both direct and indirect foreign intervention through her neighbor, Turkey, under the pretext of protecting Turkey from the Syrian threat.

These attempts have led to nothing but to more bloodshed and destruction countrywide.

All have realized that there is a state of balance which controls conflicting powers and prolongs the crisis under the absence of a political will by the foreign parties and the “opposition” to go ahead in a political path that draws up a road map leading to a way out of the crisis. However, the Syrian Army have proved great ability to repel and smash the armed terrorist groups hiding within the country’s cities, districts and populated areas and who have been receiving all forms of support by some Western and regional powers.

The failure of the foreign parties and the armed opposition in achieving strategic gains on ground made them work hard to create some illegal political councils and coalitions abroad and to propagate them as legitimate in order to get political recognition by the world as being representatives of the Syrian people.

Now, as these forces are facing a deadlock, it seems that the solution has become evident to all. The misled Syrians must return to their homeland and conscience and seek dialogue in order to close the doors before foreign schemes, as Syria’s enemies care only about their interests without even feeling pain for the bloodshed in Syria and the high price being paid by all the Syrians.

Dr. Khalaf al-Miftah

 Translated by H. Moustafa