NATO Reckless Policy!

Contemplating sadly the ongoing in my country, the cradle of civilization, tens if not hundreds of TV footages, our martyrs names of armed forces, civilians, intellectuals, scientists and colleagues shocked, albeit filled me with pride and honour, my inner conscience and seared into my soul!  Why were they martyred by some of their own people? Why so at the hands of foreign-backed mercenary terrorists? These terrorists were recruited, trained and brain-washed at times before being sent to us -en masse- from across the borders!

To quote but some of the sources regarding the dirty involvement of outsiders in the hopefully soon-to-end crisis, I cite the Russian Pravda's article by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, who underscored that such outsiders weren't only involved in the training and aiding of terrorists, but even of ' directing murderous strikes against Government forces'

Bancroft-Hinchey cited a report by an Italian journalist: Achille Lollo, correspondent of the publication Brasil de Fato, analyzing reports in several international media outlets and publications including the Sunday Times, the German Bild am Sonntag and the French radio programme Bfmtv-Rmc.

The analyses concluded that some of NATO countries are indeed involved in supporting the terrorist armed groups in the ongoing unjust war against Syria. The reports in the data analyzed by journalist Lollo underlined that the British, German and French governments have authorized the deployment of Special Forces to the combat zones to support the terrorist armed groups in-action not only against Syrians, but against every civilized humanity.

The analyses of the press data, including the report of the Sunday Times, pointed out that NATO special operations forces are also involved in 'monitoring and providing advice in terrorist strikes against Government forces, and that the 'British special forces directed and participated in a murderous ambush against the Syrian regular army' aided by the 'British, French and German weapons stored in the NATO base in Benghazi, Libya, which are being ferried to Adana, Turkey, a NATO base used as a command centre'  for the armed terrorist groups.

The reports astonishingly reveal the role of Qatar, supposedly Arab and not a NATO member, which is paying '10,000 USD a month for the desertion of a regular soldier and up to 100,000 USD for senior officers'!

On November 14th, 2011, Russia's veteran Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, was quoted by the Interfax News Agency as saying that the Western nations are illicitly providing arms to Syria’s opposition and nobody is commenting on it and no one is admitting it, but the facts are impossible to contradict.

Media news and  reports reveal that Cache of weapons, tunnels, military equipment and  huge quantities of ammunition used by the mercenary armed terrorist groups against the Syrians , especially in the Governorates of Aleppo and Idlib, are NATO-made with the words ''NATO BALL'' carved on these sophisticated means of killing. According to ANNA- NEWS video report broadcast on the 7th of last March, among the weapons Seized, not to mention  "Lutfallah II" seized by the Lebanese Authorities, there are Belgian assault FN FAL rifles Fusil Automatique Léger (“Light Automatic Rifle”) / FAL, a self-loading, selective fire battle rifle which was produced by the Belgian armaments manufacturer Fabrique Nationale de Herstal (FN). Hand grenades from Switzerland, thermal imaging devices, tons of ammunition of the caliber .308 (sniper ammo), antitank missiles from Turkey, and the antihaemorrhagic compound “QuikClot”, which was developed and is still used by the U.S. military.

Actually, the warning issued recently, in a BBC interview, by General Robert Mood , ex-leader of UNSMIS (United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria) that Western governments supporting the opposition, with either money or weapons, risk prolonging the conflict, should never be unheeded for. If some were not to take General Mood's warning seriously- as they did with his report and before with General Dabi's report; would the just and noble call by His Holiness, the Pope, be taken into consideration? The pontiff, Benedict XVI, condemned, in press statements during his recent visit to Lebanon, the smuggling of weapons from any country to Syria as a "grave sin". The Pope said: "The import of weapons has to finally stop," and "Without the import of arms the war cannot continue. Instead of importing weapons, which is a grave sin, we have to import ideas of peace and creativity."

The around-the-clock smuggling of weapons and terrorists from across  borders , in particular the borders with neighbouring countries: Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and not to mention, of course,  the Israeli-made weapons, should  immediately stop, as to enable the Syrians to end the crisis- exported to them by the trouble makers- by themselves and only by themselves.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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