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Media Piracy Won’t Silence the Voice of People

Since the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, it was very clear that a fierce media campaign started to be launched against Syria through certain Arab-speaking channels that played the role instigation, forging facts and misleading the world public opinion towards the reality of what is going on in Syria. As the Syrian national media shouldered the responsibility of confronting these hireling channels and exposing their lies and fabrications, it was inevitable for the parties involved in the conspiracy against Syria to seek for ways to silence the Syrian national media through halting the transmission of the Syrian satellite channels on the Arab Sat and the Nile Sat.

Cutting the broadcast of Syrian satellite channels is considered as the climax and the most hostile act in the media war against Syria and the Syrian people. The Syrian channels’ blackout is a desperate attempt to undermine the resistant role of the Syrian people, army and media against the powers of hegemony in the world represented by the US, Israel and their regional and Arab allies.

Such serious violation aimed at hiding the reality of events on the ground and opening the door in front of instigative extremist and Zionist media to fabricate events serving Zionism and oil monarchies' premeditated agendas which aim, among other things, to enable Israel perpetuate its occupation of the Arab territories, plunder Arab resources and spread wars and havoc in the Arab states through igniting sectarian wars among their peoples.

Cutting the broadcast of the Syrian TV channels is an arbitrary procedure which aims at silencing the voice of the Syrian national media. The reason behind the Arab League's decision to cut the broadcast of the Syrian satellite channels on the ArabSat and NileSat was the success achieved by the national media in relaying the reality to the public opinion in Syria and aboard, and expressing the conscience of the Syrian citizen.  The decision proved the success of the Syrian media in confronting the conspiracy and exposing the Arab and western misleading campaign as partner in shedding the Syrian blood and provided new evidence on the failure of Syria's enemies in achieving their sinister goals thanks to the strong national unity among the Syrians and their rallying behind the wise leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad.

It is very important to refer that the countries which have adopted such move don't possess their decisions, but they implement only what indicates to the nature of the change ordered by the US, Europe in the Arab region. They are just pawns and servants of the diktat passed to them by their masters in Washington and Tel Aviv.  The decision stresses their submission to the Zionist-western project backed by the Gulf rulers whose only aim is to preserve their rule even if this was at the expense of the Arab people and resources.

Every journalist and free and democratic human condemns this arbitrary move. Every free man in our world knows well the real objective of this decision so he will stand in honour of Syria's martyrs who sacrificed their souls to raise the Syrian voice.

The Syrian national media with all its institutions and cadres, which confronted the conspiracy, is able to find ways that help it continue conveying the truth to the Syrian people and the Arab and international public opinion.

All attempts targeting the Syrian media will fail as it belongs to the Syrian people and conveys the reality. It will preserve its professionalism to expose the fabrications of other media which has a foreign agenda to implement in favour of the American Zionist project in the region.