On Nakba Day, Palestinians are more determined to restore their rights

As the Palestinians across the world are  marking  the 71st anniversary of the Nakba Day (the Day of Catastrophe), the US continued to take aggressive measures against the Palestinian and Syrian people that started in recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel followed by the  provocative  decision of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, and recently recognizing Israel's sovereignty over the Occupied Syrian Golan.

These provocative measures are grave developments that put Washington on the same side as occupation and the violation of international law. They  place the United States at a position of complete bias in favor of the occupation and the violation of international law and resolutions.

Syrian Martyrs Write Stories of Glory and Honour

Today, the Syrian people mark Martyrs’ Day with joy and pride in the landslide victories and achievements made by the Syrian Arab Army against terrorism and western states which support it. Inspired by the great meanings and sublime values of Martyrs' Day, Syrian people and army are following in the footsteps of their fathers and forefathers defying new forms of terrorism, especially the economic terrorism, represented by the  unfair sanctions and the coercive unilateral measures imposed on the Syrian people with the aim of making them succumb to the American Zionist diktat. Inspired by the great valiant deeds and heroic steadfastness of Syrian martyrs, Syrian people will be able to defeat the new American Zionist aggression and the economic embargo imposed on Syria.

Syrian Workers, Main Pillar of Development Process

As the Syrian workers mark the May Day, they remember with great pride the sacrifices of their colleagues who fell martyrs while they were performing their duties in service of their people and homeland.  The Syrian workers reiterate their determination and support to the Syrian Arab army’s heroic sacrifices and achievements through keeping the wheel of production turning despite the difficult circumstances, represented by the terror war and the unfair economic sanctions and blockade imposed on the Syrian people by the US and its allies. The continuity of work and production sends powerful message that terrorists will never win or succeed to undermine the Syrians’ willingness to defend the homeland and go ahead in the process of development and progress.

No one can change legal status of Golan

In a new provocative step, the US State Department has officially implemented President Donald Trump's decision to recognize the occupied Golan  as Israeli territory, registering people born in the land as "native Israelis".

The Israeli Haaretz daily reported that all official documents issued by the State Department, including passports, will reflect the administration's recent decision.

Independence Day, Inexhaustible Source of Inspiration to Defend Our Rights, Sovereignty and Dignity

As the Syrian people celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the Independence Day, they are more determined to step up their struggle against takfiri terrorism and its supporters. They are also more determined to strengthen their steadfastness against the unfair sanctions imposed on Syrian people after the failure of the terrorist war which was launched with the aim of making it change its firm and principled stands towards the Arab Israeli conflict. 

 This year's celebrations co-incided with the ominous declaration  made by US President Donald Trump in which he recognized the Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan.

The grandsons of the great heroes of the National Independence  have told Trump and his ilk that his declaration is null and void as it violates  the UN resolutions which consider Golan as a Syrian Arab territory occupied by Israeli forces of occupation in 1967. They are also determined to liberate occupied Golan by all possible means as their ancestors fought the French occupation and forced them out. 

The National Independence Day has been an honorable stage in Syria’s modern history. As we mark the 73rd anniversary of Independence Day, we remember with great pride the sacrifices of our fathers and forefathers who refused to bow or surrender. The struggle of the Syrian people started immediately after the decision of the French army to enter Syria. Following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the colonialist states represented by France and Britain, immediately divided the Arab homeland between them according to the notorious Sykes Picot Agreement as if it were their inheritance.  France took Syria under its sphere of influence and issued the ill-famed Guru Ultimatum before sending Guru himself to occupy Syria. The Syrian fighters, led by the then Minister of Defense, Yousef al-Azmeh gathered at Maysaloun to repel the French invading forces. Knowing beforehand that he would not be able to face the armed to the teeth French army, and despite the acceptance of King Faisal of Guru Ultimatum,  al-Azmeh insisted to face the French at Maysaloun to tell them that their stay in Syria would not be as easy as they thought. Al-Azmeh and his friends confronted the French occupiers with their simple weapons in comparison to the highly sophisticated weapons of the French invading army. Al-Azmeh fell martyr along with scores of his friends igniting the spark of unceasing struggle. Revolts and upheavals flared up all over the country. In the coast, Sheikh Saleh al-Ali led the revolt which was one of the first acts of resistance against the French forces, and it allied itself with other revolts in the country.