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Heroic retaliation confirms resistance credibility

The recent operation which targeted a military patrol for the Israeli occupation in response for the recurring Israeli aggressive attacks against Lebanon’s sovereignty and its resistance is a source of pride for the Arab people nation-wide.

The operation has proved that the Lebanese resistance is capable of preserving Lebanon’s sovereignty, liberating the rest of its occupied territories, and repelling Israeli aggressive attacks which escalate tensions and create anarchy in the region.

The qualitative operation in which Hezbollah’s Hasan Zbeeb and Yasser Daher’s unit targeted an Israeli military vehicle on the road at the Avivim Israeli base proves that the option of resistance is the most powerful one that can deter the enemy. This retaliation also proves the resistance’s power, deterrence and loyalty to the Arab people's noble objectives.

High turnout despite US reckless sabotage attempts

The great success and high turnout of visitors witnessed by the 61st Damascus International Fair delivers a message to the whole world that the Syrian people are capable of defying challenges and overcoming difficulties armed with their love for their homeland and strong determination to rebuild their country following eight years of terrorist war launched against Syria by Israel, the US and their regional tools and Arab lackeys.

 The famous and well-reputed Fair has defied all the extremely harsh coercive economic measures imposed unilaterally on Syria for Syria has  revived and held, surpassing all the repercussions of the war and succeeding to attract many Arab and foreign companies to join its activities. 

Israeli attacks, desperate attempts to raise terrorists' morale

Throughout the past eight years, Israeli forces of occupation have been offering unlimited support to the takfiri terrorist groups financially and logistically. Moreover, the Israeli occupation forces have been interfering militarily whenever the Syrian Arab army achieves a landslide victory against the terrorist groups and uproots them from Syrian cities. The US and the Zionist military interference aims at raising the morale of the terrorists in Syria as the terrorists are going through difficult times.

The recent Israeli aggression on Damascus was not a single act, but a continuation of the Israeli support for armed terrorist groups that are listed internationally as terrorist organizations. Last Saturday, Syrian air defenses detected hostile targets approaching from above the Golan towards the surroundings of Damascus, and the attack was dealt with immediately and efficiently, destroying most of the Israeli rockets before they could reach their targets. The recent attack was launched in the aftermath of liberating Hama countryside from terrorism.

 As was the case of its predecessors, this aggression comes in the framework of the constant Israeli attempts to prolong the crisis in Syria and the war of terrorism and to raise the morale of the remnants of terrorists.

Erdogan's Ottoman dreams are doomed to failure

 From the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, the Turkish colonialist voracity has been crystal clear. Erdogan's regime has been trying to revive the Ottoman Sultanate. He has ambitions to occupy other people’s land to reinvigorate and recreate the Ottoman Empire.

 Immediately after the beginning of the crisis in Syria, former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu slipped into Syria secretly to visit the tomb of Suleiman Shah, the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman empire near Syria’s border with Turkey. The unauthorized visit, which happened without the Syrian government’s permission, is a blatant aggression against a sovereign country which is a UN member state and is a grave violation of international laws and UN Charter.

However this visit was not the first indication of the Turkish dream to restore the past colonialist history of the Ottomans. It was preceded by Turkish unlimited support for the terrorist organizations operating in Syria. The most recent episode of Turkish backing for terrorists was carried out three days ago when Turkish vehicles and trucks loaded with ammunition, weapons and material equipment passed through the Syrian-Turkish borders and reached Saraqeb City on their way to Khan Sheikhoun town to help the conquered terrorists of “Jabhat al-Nusra”, which is on the list of the UN Security Council as a terrorist organization.

The liberation of Khan Sheikhoun constitutes a direct military setback for the Turkish occupation forces as it is the terrorists' main position in the south of Idleb. This act affirms once again the continued unlimited financial and logistic support provided by the Turkish regime to terrorist groups.

This aggressive behavior and outrageous breach of the international law and UN charter by the Turkish regime will not in any way affect the strong determination of the Syrian Arab Army to continue to uproot the remnants of terrorists in Khan Sheikhoun and other areas till cleansing every inch of the Syrian land from terrorism.

The Turkish colonialist gluttony was also evident through the agreement which was announced by the US and Turkish occupations on establishing the so-called “safe zone".

The provocative agreement constitutes a blatant aggression against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic and a flagrant violation of the principles of the international law and the UN Charter.

This agreement has very clearly showed the US-Turkish partnership in the aggression against Syria which serves the interest of the Israeli occupation entity and the Turkish expansionist ambitions.

The Syrian people and their heroic army who have sacrificed a lot for defending Syria in the face of the Takfiri terrorist groups and their backers, are more determined to sacrifice everything to preserve the safety and territorial integrity of their homeland.

Arabs should be aware of the dangers of the expansionist ambitions of the Turkish regime which is spreading death and chaos in different parts of the Arab world from Syria to Libya and the Sudan and it will not stop till it satisfies its illusions on reviving the Ottoman Sultanate.

The international community and the UN should condemn the US-Turkish flagrant aggression which constitutes a dangerous escalation and poses a threat to peace and security in the region and the world and hinders all positive efforts for finding a solution to the crisis in Syria.

Syrian people will not allow to change the geographic or demographic status of their land or to draw alternative maps, to establish the so-called safe zones or any other sinister schemes.


Groundless pretexts behind US military intervention

 Military intervention has been the prominent  feature of American foreign policy since the end of the World War II. U.S. interference is always masked by fake pretexts, namely humanitarian intervention, establishing democracy or protecting endangered religious or national minorities, while the real  reason has been implementing certain US colonialist projects in various parts of the world.

US excuses are groundless. For instance, many human rights organizations have warned against the deteriorating human rights situation in Saudi Arabia but the US administration did not interfere. The horrible killing of journalist Jamal Khasheggi by Saudi agents in the kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul disclosed how far the kingdom would go to silence opposition figures.  Khashoggi’s murder is not a co-incidence.

Rather, it is indicative of a wider theme of suppression in the Gulf that has been going on for years against any form of opposition.

Bahrain, Saudi’s little sister has also a record of atrocious crimes against journalists and intellectuals .

In 2011, Bahraini authorities tortured to death Karim Fakhrawi, the co-founder of the country’s only independent newspaper, al-Wasat. 

Trump’s administration encouraged the dictatorial regime and has given its government  the green light to repress civilians and imprison political and intellectual figures. The US officials also kept silent because the US political and economic interests are guaranteed under Al Khalifa rule.

 In Mozambique, the US turned a deaf ear and a blind eye regarding  former president Mugabe's oppressive acts and gross human rights violations for more than 35 years and ousted him within ten  days when its interests were endangered.