People’s Assembly: Alexandretta is an integral part of Syria

The People’s Assembly (PA) has stressed that Alexandretta (Liwa Iskenderun) is part and parcel of Syria and that the Syrians will spare no effort to restore it to Syrian sovereignty.

In a statement marking the stripping of Alexandretta from Syria, the PA said that the tripartite agreement between the French and British occupation and Turkey in 1939 to strip Alexandretta has been a shameful deal as it flagrantly violated France's obligations as a state and blatantly violated the treaty France signed with the Syrian government in 1936, which literally stated that Syria assumes all the obligations that were under the mandate, including in the administrative independence areas.

 The PA added that the suspicious role of the descendants of the Ottomans (the current Turkish brotherhood regime under Erdogan) and their mercenaries continues even after the passage of long years since the usurpation of Alexandretta through repeated terrorist attacks on Syrian territories, through occupying some parts of Syria and through dismantling, stealing Syrian factories and facilities and smuggling their parts into the Turkish territories.

The People’s Assembly noted the Turkish regime’s crimes of cutting off water supplies to more than a million citizens in Hasakah city and its vicinity, in addition to its acts of killing civilians, vandalizing and looting properties and terrorizing the population. It stressed that these aggressive practices violate the simplest principles of human rights and international law.

It is to be noted that the League of Nations didn’t recognize the usurpation of Alexandretta, nor did its successor, the United Nations, which means that Alexandretta will continue to be a Syrian land from the international point of view.

Hamda Mustafa