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A symposium commemorating the anniversary of division of Palestine and theft of Alexandretta

A symposium entitled “The Anniversary of the Division of Palestine and the theft of Alexandretta,” focused on the need to raise awareness of the nation’s main issues and rights, foremost of which is the Palestine issue. The symposium was held on Wednesday at the headquarters of the Syrian Arab People’s Committee for Supporting the Palestinian People and Resisting the Zionist Project in cooperation with Al-Quds International Foundation- Syria and the alliance of Palestinian resistance groups.

Researcher Dr. Turki Hassan pointed out during the symposium that despite the terrorist war that the Syrian people have been subjected to during the past ten years, it is necessary to shed light on the central issues as it is not possible to forget the occupied Syrian Golan and Alexandretta  along with the Palestinian cause, the central Arab issue.

Hassan noted that the preoccupation with internal events during the past years led to a decline in interest in the Palestinian cause at the official Arab level, even at the popular level, stressing the need to bring this issue back to the fore, which the occupying forces were unable to erase from the memory of generations.


Hassan indicated that the passage of more than a century since the Balfour Declaration did not weaken the connection of the Palestinian people to their land, their adherence to their rights and their resistance, stressing that this ominous promise established a long period of historical injustice inflicted on the Arab people, where they paid and are still paying a heavy price for it.

The interventions of the audience called on the free people of the world to stand by the Palestinian people who are struggling to obtain their just rights. They asserted that Syria was and still is the solid rock that stands in the face of the plans of the Zionists and the occupiers, and that the aggression it was subjected to in order to deviate it from its approach in advocating and supporting the just causes of the Arabs only increased its insistence on continuing to support these issues, foremost of which is the Palestinian cause.


Inas Abdulkareem