On 81 anniversary of separating Alexandretta , Syrians have the right to restore lands no matter how long it takes

81 years have passed since the crime of skinning Alexandretta from the motherland Syria, but this sinister memory  is still alive in the conscience of the Syrians who are committed to restoring their rights and recovering every inch of the soil of their land, no matter how long it takes.

The plot to plunder Alexandretta in 1939 due to its wealth was carried out  after the falsification of facts under a tripartite agreement between Turkey and the French and British occupations at that time. The conspiracy is still clearly present in our minds especially with the attempts of the current Turkish regime led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan to redraw the same scenario through its support of terrorist organizations and its aggression on Syrian territory.

The ominous tripartite agreement was made as a kind of bribe in exchange for Turkey standing by the allies in World War II. However, Alexandretta's  usurption did not gain the recognition of the UN League nor later the United Nations, which means that from the international point of view this area will remain Syrian territory.

Eight decades have passed since the crime of skinning  Alexandretta of its motherland Syria. The perpetrators were counting on obliteration of the crime with the passage of time. So, they worked to consolidate their occupation policy through practices that would enhance the process of Turkifying Alexandretta and  its villages spanning an area of more than 4,500 square kilometers.  This area was inhabited by more than one million people, most of them Syrian Arabs. They pursued the policy of changing the names of villages and their demographic character, displacement of Syrians, the abolition of education and all government transactions in the Arabic language and the adoption of the Turkish lira as an official currency in violation of the system laid down by the then UN league.

Despite the passage of 81 years since the crime of separating Alexandretta, the plots to loot more Syrian lands and plunder the capabilities of the Syrian people are still being repeated through the Turkish aggression led by Erdogan in northern Syria to support terrorist organizations and achieve its expansionist ambitions and illusions to revive the defunct Ottoman Empire. But the rights of the homeland cannot be forfeited with the passage of time, and it must be restored to its owners no matter how long it takes.


Inas Abdulkareem