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Citizens: Iskenderun will Remain Syrian Until Eternity

 ANTIOCH,(ST)_ People from Iskenderun in the city of Antioch demonstrated yesterday on the anniversary of the Turkish authorities change the name of Iskenderun district to the Turkish name "Hatay", which falls September 2, 1938 under the slogan " Iskenderun will be Syrian until eternity."

The participants in the demonstration raised Syrian flags, stressing their belonging to the Syrian motherland. One demonstrator raised the picture of martyr Yahya al-Shighri.

Worthy mentioning that the Turkish troops entered the cities of Iskenderun district on 15.7.1938, conspiring with the authorities of the French occupation and pursued after that the policy of expelling its  Syrian population and confiscation of their land in order to change its demography.

Later, the Turkish occupation authorities continued its campaign in changing all Arabic names into Turkish.

Although the Turkish authorities continue to impose cultural, linguistic, ethnic discriminatory policies against the Syrian population of Iskenderun, coupled with persecution and harassment practices, but the Syrians citizens there insist strongest  ties with their homeland Syria, stressing that Iskenderun will remain Syrian until eternity.


T. Fateh