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Several rockets hit Aleppo and Damascus

PROVINCES,(ST)_Rocket attacks killed a civilian and wounded three others in Aleppo and Damascus on Wednesday, according to the official news agency (SANA).

The agency quoted a police command source in Aleppo city as saying terrorists fired several rockets on al-Slemaneyeh and Suleman al-Halabi quarters, killing a civilian and wounding three others.

The source added that the wounded civilians were admitted to the 'al-Razi' hospital.

In Damascus, four rockets hit Mazzeh and al-Zablatani area, causing damage to several cars.

No one was hurt in the rocket attacks, according to a police command source in the province of Damascus.

On January 24, terrorists fired two mortar rounds on al-Zablatani area, killing 3 civilians and wounding 12 others.

Al-Zablatani area is located near Jobar quarter and the Eastern Ghouta from which terrorist organizations fire rockets and mortars on safe areas in Damascus.

The US, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel support terrorist organizations operating in Syria, world media reports confirm.

Basma Qaddour